A movie trailer...

Here are the scenes that helped me locate the places that this great film was created.

The grounds that was the campsite for the homeless...

A spot where I tried locating the apartment building having a somewhat unique tower atop of it.

My VHS tape was not clear enough to zoom into the streetsigns.


I concentrated on this angle trying to find streetviews with the two similar buildings in front of the Wells Fargo (formerly First Interstate

tower and I believe the Arco Twin towers. (Gee Im glad I worked downtown some time ago actually in the 80's so I was very inclined

to know these buildings as well as I used to take walks to Bixel to get the postage meter refilled. I was trying to find the very palm

tree shown here and hill-like view but could not pinpoint it.

Sorry for the fuzziness on the picture. This was another view I tried to figure out the location. The incline of the street

was the biggest helper. Shown is part of  the church on the furthest right on this snap.

(Day after the police raid)



-- They Live --


This is another close up of the church the morning after the Police raided it.


This to me was the biggest help. In the same scene the camera pans along with Nadas walk back toward the church.

Notice the Building in the background, which is still located on Beaudry just south of West Temple.

It has 4 or 5 rows of tinted windows, then one row of tinted windows at the top level.

(Using google streetview -activative the feature and click on the blue area)

Click link for google maps, then type "320 N beaudry ave, los angeles, ca" as search place, then click on the street view.

Here's another of the church prior to the raid. I looked carefully at the sign months ago and

attempted to find the location in google streetviews but got the lucky break when I was aided

for finding the location finding a website called http://www.fast-rewind.com which I was

able to add comments and view a page called Filming locations or something like that.

Right before the alley fight, which I read was "real fist blows" Nada passes the Los Angeles Athletic Club. I used to pass that place walking downtown during lunch hours in the 80s when I worked in Downtown Los Angeles.

The alley where Nada looks for a pair of special glasses from a dumpster, the garbage truck had almost hauled them away.


In the movie as Holly forces Nada out the window of her hilly home, she phones the Police (or someone) and explains shes ok, and gives

thew address 8634 Circle View Drive, I suspect in Hollywood. There's no such address but if anyone knows please contact me so I can get some more

street view pics going.


Using Street view... I found these familiar spots....

The pics shown here were snapshotted using a tv viewer called Slingbox  on the computer from a VHS tape I own of the movie John Carpenter's "They Live".

MCA Home Video-All rights reserved. copyright 1989

I have used these without permission so please do not redistribute or copy in any way. If there is any reason you feel you would like to contact me regarding

this, please do. remove the dashes on the following email address r-o-n-@-g-a-l-l-e-g-o-s-n-e-t-w-o-r-k.com

My favorite sayings of the movie...

At the convenient store after "giving compliment" to an alien lady about looking like a cheese bowl, Nada: I don't like this one bit

After Nada is chased and decides by accident to run into a bank to avoid police. Nada: I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubble gum.

After the fight scene to Frank, Nada: Lifes a bitch, and she's back in heat. (Coincidentally, the first two aliens Frank sees, the lady one starts talking into her watch after noticing the

two and calls in that "they are at 5th and spring". Suppose I can find the alley in Street views)

Nada: Momma don't like tattle-tales

After they check into some hotel after their fighting...Nada: Don't wear the glasses too long, it starts feeling like a knife turning in your skull. Frank: How long have they been there?

Nada: Ain't life grand? Frank::What are they, where did they come from?  Nada: They ain't from Cleveland Frank:Look man I don't need that kind of shit. What are we going to do?

Nada:We are going to wait, WHEN YOU GET SOME MASTER PLAN YOU LET ME KNOW HUH! Fran: We can't be the only ones that can see, We've got to find

the people who'd made these (referring to the unique glasses). Nada: If they are still alive!

Gilbert: World needs a wake up call, We are going to phone it in.

There is also a South Park version of the fight scene but I have not actually seen it, and you can find videos of the fight scene from this movie on Youtube.com


Meg Fosters Biography http://www.filmreference.com/film/16/Meg-Foster.html

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Roddy Piper Biography http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0684929/bio 





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